Kranzle High Pressure Hose 43416 (10M)

Kranzle Power Washer Hose

  • Steel braided
  • Kranzle easy grip connections.


Kranzle High Pressure Hose

Kranzle High Pressure Hose characteristics:

  • 10 meter steel-fabric high-pressure hose
  • Models without hose reel

Kranzle Pressure Washers Parts



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Used in Kranzle Power Washer models:

Kränzle HD 10/122
Kränzle HD 10/122 TS
Kränzle HD 12/130
Kränzle HD 7/122
Kränzle HD 7/122 TS
Kränzle K 1152 TS
Kränzle K 2160 TS
Kranzle K2175 TS

Alternative part numbers: A43416, 43.416

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