Kranzle High Pressure Hose 42829 (15M)

Kranzle Power Washer Parts Drum Hose

  • Steel braided
  • Rubber coated
  • Kranzle easy grip M22 connections.


Kranzle Single Wire Steel Braided High Pressure Hose

To Fit Hose Reel 42829

Kranzle High Pressure Hose characteristics:

  • 15 meter steel-fabric high-pressure hose
  • DN6

Kranzle Pressure Washers Parts



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  • DN6
  • Length 15m
  • 210 bar (21MPa)
  • Single Wire
  • Inlet M22 female
  • Outlet M22 female

Used in Kranzle Power Washer models:

Compatible with:
Kranzle Profi 175 TST

Alternative part numbers: A42829, 42829.0, 42.829.0

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