Kranzle Vario-Jet Lance Quick Release (12437)

Kranzle Power Washer Accessories
Lance With Vario Jet Nozzle

Sensitive Surfaces
Foam Applications
Quick release fittings


Kranzle Vario-Jet Lance

The variable spray lance for spot or flat jet use, allows convenient switching from high pressure to low pressure operation. As the suction of cleaning agents is possible directly via the high-pressure pump, the Vario-Jet lances allow to apply cleaning foam without changing the accessories.


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028 Nozzle (12437-028, 03 Nozzle (12437-03, 042 Nozzle (12437-042)


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  • Anti-twist protection

Compatible with:

Kränzle HD 7/122
Kränzle HD 7/122 TS
Kränzle HD 10/122
Kränzle HD 10/122 TS
Kränzle HD 12/130
Kränzle K 1152 TS
Kränzle K 2160 TS
Kränzle K 2160 TST
Kränzle K1152 TST
Kranzle K2175 TS
Kranzle K2175 TST
Kränzle Profi 160 TST
Kränzle Profi 175 TST

Alternative part numbers: A12435, 12435.0, 12.435.0

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