Kranzle Universal Wall Bracket (41262)

Kranzle Power Washer Accessories
Accessory Wall Bracket

  • Tidy storage
  • Wall mounted


Kranzle Butler Universal Wall Bracket For Accessories

Never loose your Kranzle accessories items or cause unnecessary damage from items being stood on where they have been left on the floor. This tidy storage is ideal to store away all unused parts or accessories.

Supplied without accessories


Download: Kränzle Operating Manual
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Dimensions L x B x H mm 425 x 240 x 280

Compatible with:

Kranzle K 7/120, K 7/120, Silent 120, Silent 122, HD 9/80, 12/130, K 10/120, K 10/122, K 1151, K 1151 T, K 1152, K 2160 TS T, K 2175 TS T, K 2195 TS T, Profi 160 TS T,Profi 175 TS T, Profi 195 TS T, Profi 15/120 TS T, Quadro 11/140 TS T, 12/150 TS T, Quadro 9/170 TS T, Quadro 599 TS T, 899 TS T, Quadro 800 TS T – 1200 TS T, Quadro 1500 TS T, D 30/180 TS T, D 26/250 TS T, Profi-Jet B 13/150, B 10/200, Profi-Jet B 16/220, B 16/250, Profi-Jet B 20/220, B 170 T, B 240 T, B 200 T, B 270 T, B 230 T, Therm CA, Therm C,

Alternative part numbers: A41262, 41262.0, 41.262.0

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