Kranzle Stainless Steel Lance Flatjet Nozzle (12435)

Kranzle Power Washer Accessories
Lance With Flat Jet Nozzle

Sensitive Surfaces
Stainless Steel
Quick release fittings


Kranzle Stainless Steel Lance With Flat-jet Nozzle

Recommended for cleaning sensitive surfaces. Flat spray nozzle with conical jet (spraying angle: 20 – 40°)


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028 Nozzle (12435-M20028, 03 Nozzle (12435-M2003, 042 Nozzle (12435-M20042), 045 Nozzle (12435-M20045)


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  • Stainless steel

Compatible with:

Kränzle Quadro 11/140 TST
Kränzle HD 7/122
Kränzle HD 7/122 TS
Kränzle HD 10/122
Kränzle HD 10/122 TS
Kränzle HD 12/130
Kränzle K 1152 TS
Kränzle K 2160 TS
Kränzle K 2160 TST
Kränzle K1152 TST
Kranzle K2175 TS
Kranzle K2175 TST
Kränzle Profi 160 TST
Kränzle Profi 175 TST

Alternative part numbers: A12435, 12435.0, 12.435.0

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