Kranzle D12 Quick Release Foam Bottle Lance

Kranzle Power Washer Accessories
D12 Series Foam Injector Bottles

  • Snow Foam Bottle Lance
  • Variable Spray Pattern


Kranzle D12 Foam Injector Bottle (Quick Release)

The Kraenzle Series of High Pressure Cold Water Cleaner Accessories

Foam lances produce a very thick blanket of foam that sticks to the surface very well, helping to break down the build up of traffic film for longer than other methods and also has very impressive looking results.

Kranzle 1050 Foam Injector features:

  • Original Kranzle Foam Lance
  • Produces highly effective foam

(Available in smaller 1 litre (135303) or larger 2 litre (135313)
M22, Quick Release D – 12, Quick Release D10

Can be used with most Kranzle cleaners with the correct D12 Quick Release coupling.

Alternative part numbers: A135301 1lm22, 1353011 2lm22, 135303 1l qrd12, 135313 2lqrd12

Kranzle Pressure Washers

Download: Kränzle Operating Manual
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Product Options

1 Litre Bottle (135303), 2 Litre Bottle (135313)


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  • Adjustable spray patterns
  • Operating pressure max. bar / MPa: 250 / 25
  • Temperature max 30 °C
  • Inlet: M22 x 1.5 male
  • Nozzle size: 03

Compatible with multiple models including:

Kränzle HD 7/122
Kränzle B 170 T
Kränzle B 230 T
Kränzle HD 10/122
Kränzle HD 10/122 TS
Kränzle HD 12/130
Kränzle HD 7/122 TS
Kränzle K 1152 TS
Kränzle K 2160 TS
Kränzle K 2160 TST
Kränzle K1152 TST
Kranzle K2175 TS
Kranzle K2175 TST
Kränzle Profi 160 TST
Kränzle Profi 175 TST
Kränzle Profi Jet B10/200
Kränzle Profi Jet B10/200 (Trolley)
Kränzle Profi Jet B13/150
Kränzle Profi Jet B13/150 (Trolley)
Kränzle Quadro 1000 TS
Kränzle Quadro 1000 TST
Kränzle Quadro 11/140 TST
Kränzle Quadro 599 TST
Kränzle Quadro 799 TST
Kränzle Therm 635-1 TST
Kränzle Therm 635-1 TS
Kränzle Therm 895-1 TS
Kränzle Therm 895-1 TST
Kränzle Therm C 11/130 TS
Kranzle Therm C 11/130 TST
Kränzle Therm CA 11/130 TS
Kränzle Therm CA 11/130 TST
Kränzle Therm E 873-1 TS
Kränzle Therm E 873-1 TST

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