Kranzle 1050 Gun & 1/2 Lance (M2001)

Kranzle Power Washer Parts
Model K 1050  Gun with Half Lance

Application: Domestic/Home
Water Source: Mains Water
Water Temp: Cold Water



Kranzle 1050 Trigger Gun with Safety Catch

The Kraenzle Range of High Pressure Washer Parts

Kranzle M2001 Quick Release Coupling:

  • Trigger gun with safety catch (Midi)
  • Model M2001

Used in Kranzle Pressure Washer Models:

Kranzle 1050 P
Kranzle 1050 TS
Kränzle K 1050 TST


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Inlet: ST 30 nipple M 22 male
Outlet: K1050 type Quick release coupling (D10)

Compatible With:

Kranzle Series 1050 p, 1050 ts, 1050 tst, a15, a17

Alternative Part Numbers:
12472 short
12475 standard
12487 long

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